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Show black screen not working properly

I frequelty use this option so people who are near the computer I'm remoting into can't see what I'm doing. But I've recently found out that even with this option checked, the screen is not blacked out at all, and everything I'm doing can be seen. This happens when I remote to and from both computer I'm use for Teamviewer (both Windows 10).Today I just checked again by remoting in from my android to my PC and checked the show black screen option. It blacked for a few seconds and as soon as I started to move my mouse the screen became totally visible and nothing was blacked out. Despite the show black screen option still being chcked off. 

 Both machines are on 13.0.6447.

Please let me know if there is a fix for this bug. I have done a reinstall of TV on both machines and it has not resolved the issue.


  • using teamviewer 13 on all computers and suddenly started to have a black screen.  I can see that the host is logged in on the remote computer by logging in on the remote computer, but the host cannot see the screen of the remote computer.  after downgrading to version 12.0.77831 the problem has gone away.  The only issue is that most of my clients are on version 13 already, and also several other remote computers are already on version 13. Does that really mean that I need to downgrade all my clients and remote computers. Surely this bug which seams to have been around in previous versions can be resolved

  • RedShift
    RedShift Posts: 6

    This is kinda ridiculous how they haven't fixed this bug. I've had this issue for essentially a year now. Have seen many other people with the same issue. This is a huge privacy issue as many people think they are getting some semblence of privacy with Teamviewer when really their screen is on for anyone who happens to be around to see.

  • Running the latest versions in Windows 10 and my iMacs, any attemp to connect to my iMacs results in a black screen. I have however noticed that a Windows 8.1 machine worked ok when I tried a few minutes later. This bug appears to only occur when all machines are running version 13 of the software. the version 8.1 was running an older version 12 variant