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Forward keys using remote desktop inside a teamviewer session


I've recently upgraded to TeamViewer 13.0.6447 and encountered an issue of forwarding special keys while using remote desktop inside the teamviewer session. Host computer is running windows 10.

It seems any alt+F# (like Alt+F4 to close a window) keys do not work, and shift+numericals do not work. However, Alt+f, for example, to reach the file menu does work.

Has anyone experienced such issue? any solution?

Thank you in advance! 


  • TineH
    TineH Posts: 5

    Hey Aloter,
    I've reported exact the same behavior :)
    You can check it here:
    Hope someone will look into this as It seems I am not alone with this issue.


  • Aloter
    Aloter Posts: 2

    Thanks for letting me know, I probably missed it in my search.

    I hope TV team will address it, as I regular access restricted servers using TV and RDP.

  • TineH
    TineH Posts: 5

    Any news about this? Will this be looked into it?

    Thank you very much!


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  • TineH
    TineH Posts: 5

    any news about this?

    I have updated to the latest version (13.1.391 Preview) on both sides and hoped that this issue was sorted out, but as I can see it is still present. Can someone from TW team address this and forward to dev teams?


  • cosmos321
    cosmos321 Posts: 2


    any new news about this issue? I'm still facing the same problem. I use the latest version 14.4.2669 (on both sides). Due to this error it's not possible for me to log in to the RDP session, because my password also consists of capital letters.

    Kind regards.