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Quicksupport multiple users

Is it at all possible to have more than one user on a single quicksupport, if yes how do I set this up?

What would be an alternative. We want ONE link on our website, and if a customer clicks on it, it should be available in all of the users's server queues.

If there a way to do this?

Best Answer


  • If you would like to use quick support to support multiple users by having them click on a link on your website all you would need to do is open your management console>Go to Design and Deploy>Add Quick Support and set up your module as you please. 

    For example our process is on our website uses can scroll down to the bottom and press get support now. It downloads our quick support app. From there they can put in a description of their issue and send us a notification that a service case has been opened. From there we can connect to the user and help out using the service queue. This can be done with as many uses as possible.

    Once you create the quick support modulepopquizQuickSupport.PNGmanagment.PNG there is permanent link at the bottom that you can customize. Copy that link and paste it into the button you would like to use for your website. 

  • Have any of your customers noted that it take a long time to download the QuickSupport module? Have you had issues where you cannot reconnect after a reboot?

  • I do have some users who complain about the slowness but a lot of the time it is their connection. 

    The quick support is for a one time service. If you enable to SOS button they will be able to initiate a service case on their own but for continued support i suggest you set up Host Module.