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WOL works perfectly - BUT HOW?

I can NOT wake ONE computer in my home network by normal wake methods in Windows 10, by entering the name into the address bar, or by clicking on the shortcut i made for it.
All other computers (old laptop, other win10, win7, win XP) all DO wake properly just by brwsing to them or clicking on shortcute I made for them or by entering their name, etc.

So, I am wondering:
What protocol or method does Teamviewer use within Windows to Wake-On-LAN?

Teamviewer is doing something to wake up the computer via its onboard Realttek GBE Lan. Whatever it is must be a bit different than whatever Windows uses.
The one that is not working:
OS: Windows 10. LAN chip is Realtek GBE RTL8168.
This system is VERY similar to another I set up at the same time, and I follow consistant procedures in setup and use with all my networked computers.

I first suspected the motherboard BIOS settings or LAN chip, and tried every setting on my motherboard (ASUS H-270-Plus) until I realized that the LAN light WAS staying on in sleep, and began to think it was a Windows problem.
I installed different LAN drivers, and rechecked some settings (disable fast boot, etc).

Then I happened to find Teamviewer has WOL the other day and to my surprise, it worked !
So, it is a real mystery, and Teamviewer is triggering something that Windows 10 itself seems unable to. What could it be?