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Reboot fails when using QuickSupport module

I am finding that if a remote session is started using the Quick Service module, I cannot reconnect after a reboot. I get asked all the right questions about reconnecting, but it never really reconnects.

Anyone else with this issue?


  • After more testing, I find that you MUST wait for the QuickSupport module to start on the client's computer before you click on the "reconnect" button.

    If you click on reconnect before the module starts, the entire session will fail. The only way to reconnect is for the client to end the session and start a new one.

    To make matters worse, the QuickSupport module does not start until some time after the computer starts, but the box that indicates that you can reconnect to the client comes up right away. ... and there is no way to know that the QuickSupport module is actually running.

    This seems like a VERY poor design. Or am I missing something?