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How to reach my MacOS HighSierra when I am logged out.


I have been using for couple of years TV with both Linux and Windows computers, they both _are_ reachable when the remote user is logged out, meaning: I call them up with the local TV, and I find on screen a remote box asking for a password on the remote computer.

With my new shiny MacBook this does _not_ happen: after 10min inactivity my screen turns off (the Mac does _not_ go to sleep because I already found that trick) but after yet some more time my session logs out and TV tells me my MAC is "offline".

This is not true, if I physically touch the Mac keyboard, the screen turns up, with my password request, that I can't get to see remotely.

How to fix this? Please note, this may be related, but is not the same as "logging remote system off when exiting a TV session", because here TV session does not start at all.

Thank you!