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Can remote into Samsung from Laptop but not PC

Hello All: I have installed Teamviewer Host for Samsung on my 3 Samsung devices. I have Teamviewer 12 on my laptop (Sony Viao, with Windows 7) and desktop PC (Generic build, with Windows 7). When I open Windows IE or Chrome and enter in the browser, I launch my management consol and can see my 3 devices are online. When I click on connect on any device, everything auto connects with my 3 devices just fine if I'm comming in from my Sony. However, when I try to do the same with my PC, I get the Teamviewer connect window to popup, but it waits for me to click on the connect button. It does not auto connect to my Samsung device. Then it asks me to enter the password that is showing on the computer I'm trying to connect to. There is no password on the Samsung. Besides, that would defeat the purpose of trying to remote in to the Samsung. Any ideas out there as to why this works with my Sony and not with my desktop PC?

Thanks. Darren.


  • Scotty
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    Hi DarrenSL,

    Thanks for contributing to our community!

    Can you advise if you are logged in to the computers and contacts list on the same account in the software not just the management console on both machines?

    Also, does this issue still occur if you connect from the computers and contacts list rather than the management console?

    This issue generally occurs because the host can only be connected to via a registered account. It cannot be connected to via the ID or any other method. this is because as you mentioned, the host does not have a password.


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  • Hi Scotty:

    THe problem has resolved iteslf. The PC showed off line. After a reboot and several tries, it came up. Now all is ok

    Thanks very much for your input and help.