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Cannot resize connection window to Pi

After updating my Pi2 from Wheezy to Jessie and tv-h installed okay after "sudo apt-get update -f". I did "teamviewer setup" and it worked as I've seen it work once before on a Pi3. However when I went to connect via TV to the Pi2 it did not automatically log me in, i.e. it made me sign in as user pi with password (the previous install on a Pi3 did not); and just as bad is I have no control over the screen size (see attached pic).  When I installed tv-h on the Pi3 it allowed me to size the screen to the max character width of my local screen, whereas with this install I'm stuck with the screen size you see in the attached and I really need to resize the screen because of the work I need to do remotely. Could someone tell me what went wrong with this install? Or what adjustment I need to make? I thought I tried all the options from tv help, and nothing made any diff.  Thanks.

screen unsizeable.jpg