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Check/Prevent Unattended Access

Hey guys, I posted here not long ago about TV not having a ID and Password upon opening.  I got an answer to that, but now I'm wondering how to make sure that there is no Unattended Access that someone else has setup prior to my install and reinstall of TV?  

I looked this up but could not find an answer that satisfied my question.  I had an issue where there was no Pawword or ID upon opening TV.  So Uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail.  Then got instructions on how to get the password back, all good.  Buy my client seems to be having weird issues and I'm affraid that it may be attached to a previous scam, where they let someone have remote access to their pc, and therefore still may have access.  I thought they were using LogMeIn, so that was all Removed, but then when I saw Instructions on how to Setup Unattended Access recently here, and one of the first things they say to do it just this, "Disable random passwords".  So now I am wondering if  this is what they've done and are still able to gain access?  Can someone point me to some good info, or explain to me how I can be sure they are not using TV to gain access.

I wonder if this will help me:  "Options > Security > Personal password" Check to make sure there are no Personal Passowords?

Here are a few of the Tutorials I was looking at.


Thanks, AdminMaster

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