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Teamviewer not connecting


I have teamviewer on a MAC running 10.10.5 Yosemite. Teamviewer says ready. I try to connect to the MAC from my windows pc and it just says connecting but does not. I reboot the MAC and it starts to connect fine and after a while it stops connecting


  • I am connecting to a mac (office)  from a mac (home).  I get kicked out of my office mac multiple times a day but at least once a day I will not be able to reconnect until someone reboots it for me.   Making work impossible.  At work they say the office mac is still working fine, I just cannot connect.  Using TV 10 as that is what my company is licensed for. 

  • TonyP
    TonyP Posts: 2

    This has nothing to do with the issue I have

  • I have the exact same issue.  It says connecting when I try to connect to the mac but it doesn't actually connect anymore until I reboot the mac.  Only difference is you are using a PC to connect.

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