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Driver issue on Teamviewer 13.


I've noticed that Teamviewer hasn't connected correctly to many of my computers after last updates (to 12 and now 13).
All of them are running on exact same hardware but some have been popping up with display problems, which describes as only able to connect with a resolution of 640x480. Very weird since I didn't have any problem like that in older versions (11 and older).

Every single computer is running a GPU driver named: Standard VGA Graphics Adapter.

I did a test on a computer that I have here locally. After I updated the driver to 'Intel HD 630' the problem disappeared. I managed to connect via Teamviewer with higher resolution (the computers are in a very limited internet connection so it is not easy to do a big driver update). 
Ps. if I connect with RDP I always get full resolution, no matter what driver is in use.

My question:
Why do some computers with the same hardware and driver not connect the same way? Can I somehow force Teamviewer to use the 'same' connection settings as on the ones that are working properly?

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