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Correct program on client pc

Hi Expert,

Initially I plan to push down Host agent on all target pcs for remoted unattended access, however we also need the message chat capability, that means I will import all user so we can send instant message within company user. Also some of the user need have teamview meeting capapbility too. I just realize if I install the host agent only, the target user wont be able to have the message chat function.

In this case I need push down full version of teamviewer on all target pcs?

What I want is:

1. IT team have access to all remote pcs

2. Some of the user need have remote access to their own pc(work from home)

3. All user should be able to use the chat message function

4. Some of the user need use team viewer to schedule meeting.

Thanks for point me the correct way




  • I think I need install:

    1. Host agent: For user who want shot service ticket or unattended access

    2. Teamviewer full version: For user who need schedule meeting, team viewer message chat and unattended access.

    P.S: Chat message is required for everyone

    So I need push down twice with different MSI file, this is confused to my user, I think.

    Is there an integrated program which I can do all in one GUI? (Schedule/Join Meeting, unattended access, chat message)

    Thanks again


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