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Wake on LAN not working remotely

Needing assistance with using the Wake on LAN feature.  Here is what I've done so far.

  • Client PC is running Teamviewer 13 on Windows 10.
  • I have configured Wake on LAN in Teamviewer via public IP address through port 5500
  • My desktop is hard wired directly to my router.
  • Statically configured my router to assign to my desktop's MAC address.
  • Statically assigned that private IP to my desktop NIC.
  • Configured router to port forward any traffic on port 5500 to
  • Confirmed internet connectivity is working after static IP assignments and port forwarding.
  • Created a windows firewall exception on port 5500 to allow traffic for both TCP and UDP.

I tested this feature while still at home using the Teamviewer app on iOS.  I put my PC to sleep, and was able to wake it while connected to the same wireless network with my phone, as well as when disconnected from wi-fi and using the app over LTE.  As soon as I arrived at work, I tested it again from both my phone, and my workstation, and now neither are working.  I work for the ISP and can confirm my public IP address assigned to my router did not change.  Any ideas?