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Delete TeamViewer Account

Capture.PNGHi all,

I have created a TeamViewer account and added a Trial, so now my account is connected to a " Test Company". We now have buyed a license so I would like to add my account to that corporate account, or delete my account so we can create a new one.

Unfortunately the "delete my profile"  is not available when i click on edit my account. So my quenstion is, how can i delete my account? or change from corporate?

Thank you in advance!





  • Natascha
    Natascha Posts: 1,292 Senior Moderator

    Hi @RobertHiddink 

    Thank you for your message. 

    As long as your account belongs to a company profile, it is not possible to delete your account. 

    If you want to license the company profile, just activate the license on your account. 

    Hope this could help and wish you a great day. 

    All the best, 

    German Community Moderator [on Parental Leave 🙋‍♀️]
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