Can one computer be setup to give unattended access to multiple parties


We have one computer at work setup for unattended access. On my home pc, I have it listed in my list of available remote computers. I don't want to give anyone else my Teamviewer login credentials but I want others to be able to access that computer as well.

How is that done?


  • Chiron
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    1. Everyone will need to know the TeamViewer ID (9 digit number) for the computer.
    2. A custom password can be set for each connecting partner.

    Options > Security > Manage additional passwords



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  • MKdigital
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    1. Set up Unattended access for one PC

    2. Login into the computer with your second TeamViewer Account that you are wanting to allow access to, so that the IP is accepted.

    For the account to set up auto login, on the comuter Just go to the Help --> About team Viewer --> Write down the Team Viewer ID of the Computer

    Next go Extras --> Options --> Secuirty --> Manage Additional Passwords --> Type in the ID of the computer and add a really difficult password.

    Next login to the online account that you want to allow uattended access to.

    On the left hand side towards the bottom click on Groups --> All

    Below the top blue bar on the right hand side, click -- Add.

    Click add computer from the menu that appears, then select add existing device.

    Now type in the computer ID and Password from earlier.

    Give it a Name and click --> Add Computer in the bottom right. Done.

    You now have given another account unattended access. Just worked it out so thought Id share.