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Using TeamViewer with Microsoft Intune

Esther Posts: 3,204 Community Manager

Using TeamViewer with Microsoft Intune.pngTeamViewer is the only 3rd party remote support tool fully integrated with Microsoft Intune. 

Together, we help companies reduce first call resolution (FCR) and talk time, decreasing the need for on-site support. Discover how you can leverage TeamViewer with Microsoft Intune in this recorded webinar!

The Webinar was designed to present to the participants how they can increase their efficiency gains. Based on an example from one of our Fortune 10 clients who actually saw a 25% increase in efficiency gains and a decrease in their average first call resolution time by an astonishing 60%.

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Community Manager


  • Will the process change over time on the handshake from the administrator to the user. 

    I dont see this being implemented in our firm. 

    With Teamviewer Host users are instantly prompted with a message that I want to access their PC. Which also works in Citrix where 80% of our users work. 

    The way it works in Intune we have to ask our users to open up company portal, press the arrow in the top right corner press allow access, then open a browser, say yes to that popup.?

    Regards, Mark

  • apapakostas
    apapakostas Posts: 27 Staff

    Dear Mark,

    You are correct that the remote control notification is currently transferred through the secure InTune channel and shows up in the CP app. This way the end users known that only connection requests through the Company Portal should be trusted and are approved by their company. 

    We are continuously working with Microsoft to improve and enhance the TeamViewer Integration on InTune and we are currently looking at ways to reduce the amount of end user interaction required (number of clicks). Although I can't share a specific date at the monment, we are looking to release several updates over the course of 2019. 

    Please keep watching this space and we will share updates as new features are being rolled out. 



  • Hi Dear Esther,

    We have a license with 1 user.  When our friends wanted to delete a remote computer, unfortunately they have deleted the administrator account So we cant login to our account and we dont know our license number. Because of we missed it into our notes. Our licensed account related to [personal information removed]. Please may you help us about that problem? We cant contact to your partner which is staying at our country. If you can help us, we will be so happy.



  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,204 Community Manager

    @burakhayirli Thanks for your message. For all individual licence related questions, please contact our service team directly as we do not have access to customer data within our community. Thanks and best, Esther

    Community Manager
  • Dear @Esther,

    I have open ticket about that problem but there is no return about it. Could you please may you inform the team?

    We are a company, and our account is commercial. We can't do business right now because of that situation. Please help us.

  • how does licensing work with education? We are a k-12 district using intune for education. Is teamviewer built-in for this? I believe we are using an A3 Agreement

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