Teamviewer 13 not working LinuxMint Rosa (xfce)

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Hi All

Same issue as many others I launch teamviewer but never see the GUI. I did downgrade the libfreetype6 libraries but that didn't help. I see nothing unusual in the TeamViewer13_Logfile. I can see teamviewerd running as a process.

Wished there was a debug or verbose mode I could use. Any suggestions ?




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    I did get them working on two workstations at home. I am not exactly sure what the problem was but here are some things I had to do on both.

    1. I had an orphaned teamviewer 11 listing in my xfce menus. I edited /usr/share/applications/banf-2.index and removed the teamviewer 11 line. I think it may have contributed but was not the root cause.

    2. I had to mess quite a bit with updating my qt5 libraries. On one workstation I removed a qt5 dev library and on the other I had to update qtdeclarative5-controls-plugin.

    3 Be sure to tail -f /var/log/Teamviewer13_Logfile.log as you restart the daemons and try to start the teamviewer app.

    4. Maybe this should go without saying, but troubleshoot this problem from the command line and and teamviewer logfiles. Don't bother with the gui when debugging this.
    Best wishes