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Any free 3rd party tools to record Teamviewer session secretly?

OK, the scenario is this:

I will be having my computer setup with TV installed so that someone can connect to it.  Now I may not be home when they connect.  There is a wide time frame on when they will be connecting so there is a chance that I won't be here when they do  This will be just a one-time occurrence.  I am pretty sure they will be blacking out the screen so that if I do happen to be home they will not want me to see what they are doing.  I do not think they will be doing anything nefarious or else I wouldn't trust them to do this in the first place.  BUT it is my computer and I would just feel more comfortable knowing exactly what changes were done to my computer or be able to see what changes were done in case of some issue arrises afterward.

So, does anyone know of a way to record the session even if my screen is blacked out and do it privately so they won't know? 


  • Chiron
    Chiron Posts: 226 ✭✭

    I don't know a way to record without the other person knowing, but you can make sure they can't connect without your approval. You can make it so they can't black out your screen also.

    Options > Advanced > Section titled Advanced settings for connections to this computer

    • Set Access Control to Custom Settings 
    • Click Configure 
      • Set Connect and view my screen to After Confirmation
      • Set lock local keyboard and mouse to After Confirmation

    You will get a popup message that requires your approval when an incoming  connection is started.

    The screen can't be set to black unless the keyboard and mouse are disabled. If he tries you will get a popup that will automatically decline after 30 seconds. He will not be able to click Allow for you.12.png

    Options > Advanced > Section titled TeamViewer Options (all the way at the bottom)

    Protect options with password and confirm password. Both fields need to match. This will make it so settings can't be changed without password.Options Password Prompt.png

     If you are concerned with unwanted changes to your computer you should backup your computer before your session.



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