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Visual Studio 2017 Black UI Problem

Hi guys, excuse me, is anybody here with this (black user interface) problem with Visual Studio 2017 and SQL Server 2017?

vs2017 black uivs2017 black ui


  • For me the UI is all white. It's still working though: pressing at the top right closes VS, pressing F5 builds and starts the project, tooltips sometimes appear briefly. I also sometimes have entire dockable items that are visible, eg the performance tab when running the project.

    Firefox is all white also. In the task manager I can see how many tabs there are. Pressing CTRL-T opens a tab (I don't see it in FF but in the task manager), CTRL-F4 closes it.

    This all may have to do with GPU acceleration:

  • bragyou
    bragyou Posts: 1

    It working!


  • This fixed it for me. Thank you for saving me hours of figuring out what was wrong!!

  • Wow! You've saved my day! Thank You very much!
  • It is working very well.


  • Qternocq
    Qternocq Posts: 1 Newbie

    For anyone using VS2019 and unable to see the options on the General tab (I was, options were hidden just like the rest of the devenv), I used these steps to turn off hardware acceleration and restarted VS and it worked: