Team Viewer 13 for openSuse LEAP 42.2 is reported as broken.


Free version of Team Viewer 13 for openSuse LEAP 42.2 is reported as broken. Missing libraries are reported during installation. Though I can see in the system monitor Team Viewer procces running, sowtwarse's graphic interface doesn't appear on screen at all.
It's rather strange also that the data installation size is only about 45 MB. Comparing to v.12 with 144 MB of installation size it's almost obvious that something is wrong.


  • DanielStm
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    Hi @sakisdesonic,

    no, that installation size is perfectly okay (If you ask me, I think it's still pretty big. Nobody seems to remember the times when the same functionality was done with a fraction of that). We just got rid of some bloat by not using a Wine-based UI, as you might have read in the previous announcements.

    Now, to the problem: Unfortunately we have noticed that our dependency definition is not compatible with Suse. What's worse: It's not possible to specify that one dependency in a way that both RedHat and Suse distros will pick it up. :robotsad: So, we'll have to add separate packages that are exactly identical, except for 10 bytes of dependency definitions :robotsad:

    For the moment, you should be good if you install Qt quick controls manually.

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