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Setting up Wake on Lan from remote computer

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to see if anyone had the same idea or thought. So I set up the Wake on Lan for remote computers on a PC of mine in another state that I use as a File Sharing/Plex Server. I followed the turtorial and everything works, but I wanted to make this as secure as possible. So I whitelisted only my account and turned on 2FA, which is nice but I wanted to go a step further. I wanted to setup an incoming rule on the Windows Firewall for team viewer and the Wake on Lan; specifically I wanted to set it up so that only the IP address from where I am currently at can send the connection request and wake up the remote PC. I thought I set that up correctly but it looks like I can still do Wake on Lan to the remote PC from IP addresses that is not listed. I tested this by using the Team Viewer app on my iphone (not connected to the network just using 4G LTE) and it actually woke the PC. Has anyone thought of doing the above and if so how did you get it to work correctly?

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