TeamViewer 13 won't start on Solus Linux

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Hey everyone,

first of all: Thanks for keeping up the effort to port TeamViewer to Linux! It really helps me helping my family :manhappy:

Solus is a quite now distribution, but with the help of the 3rd party repository it was easily possible to run TV12. Today I downloaded the .tar.xz version of TV13, installed all dependencies, but it still won't start. Here's the TeamViewer13_Logfile.log (can't post because it exceeds 20.000 chars :manfrustrated:):

And DependencyCheck.log:

Thanks for your help!

//EDIT: Okay, I should have read the log myself. The GUI wouldn't start because the Qt5 QuickControls were not installed (why is checklibs not reporting that?). They can be installed with:

sudo eopkg install qt5-quickcontrols

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  • der_eismann
    der_eismann Posts: 4 ✭✭
    Hey @DanielStm,

    thanks for your answer and again the great work with your new release. I understand the problem, but thankfully we have a thing called "3rd party repository" at Solus which is kind of like an ugly version of Arch's AUR - we don't ship packages, but instructions/scripts to do it yourself. Hopefully I will be able to update it to TV13 soon.