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My elderly father was scammed last night - would seem that they didnt get away with anything but they tried hard, and they tried again tonight (I was there and they called).

Anyway, wanted to load the logfiles and information so that teamviewer could block them and stop their seemingly constant scamming, but the link

doesnt seem to be working in order to upload the log files etc.  Has it been turned off deliberately because there is too much scamming going on??



  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,184 Community Manager

    Hi @ozecho

    First of all I am sorry to hear that your father was scammed, but it´s great that they did not get away with anything!

    I can confirm that there seems to be an issue right now with uploading the logfile and we are already working on a fix. But I can assure you that we did not turn it off deliberately.

    I will keep you updated so that you can send your report.

    All the best, Esther


    Community Manager
  • Thanks...
    What information can be gleaned out of the log files? Are they able to provide info on what was done and if anything was uploaded?
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