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i have alraedy update to teamviewer 13 and i had a regular key that i got from store.
now its it writing to me that its a free license and i dont know where is the key for it?

i bought it  2 year ago what can i do?

i didnt find the key in my email


  • If you paid for a license I would contact support and see if they can help generate it for you. 

    I use the free license and it was asking for one.  I beleive I just had to click activate and it activated my old code.  have you logged in with your account? 



  • I also press active and its wrote to me activated...
    But now its writing free license
  • I am not sure how licensing works with Teamviewer for the professional version but if you went from 12 to 13 and you are not paying a subscription I suspect you may have to buy a new one.   However I am not sure if this exactly how it works so make that contact with Tech support or sales.  Only they can help you with licensing. 

  • I bought license but it didnt pass to 13 version...
  • Could you check your Teamviewer info? (in the Help menu).TV license.PNG


    As you can see in my screenshot, the red line shows no license, but I have an account license.

    You might have a License, but not an account license.

    Please consider the environment before posting on the internet.
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