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My computer was hacked


Please, anyone

I was attacked for the third time already, maybe there were a lot of attacks, but I noticed only three. My computer is connected to a person through the teamviewer program, I'm sure that no one has my personal data to enter my account. The first time this person stole from me about 270 dollars, the second time he just rummaged in my computer, the third time again tried to steal me, I turned off the theater.
I really hope for your help in this matter.
Thank you,
Yours faithfully,


  • Is your computer secured with software like bitdefender or other antiintrusion software? 

    This is always the first step. 

    Did you report the theft to the authorities?  If not you should do so.   They may do nothing with each individual event but a collection of thefts becomes something they can do things with. 

    In the end it becomes an insurance issue.   If it was stolen from your bank talk to your bank about FDIC or other bank insurance programs.   Talk with your home owners insurance and maybe a theft identy company for future hacks... 

    Not sure what anyone on this group can do.  if you think Team Viewer software has some fault in it, make sure your on the latest version and contact support to report any relevant data that will help them fix the "hole" in the software you think may exist... 

    Good luck and sorry it happened... 

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