problem connecting to headless host (TV13), running centos7

meffe Posts: 1

I've read all similar threads about similar issues, but none is mentioning the problem I seem to have. I'm running two headless servers, both running centos 7 - one dedicated and one VPS.

The VPS server is working just fine to connect to via teamviewer (even though it complained about the frame buffer during the install), but when I try to connect to the dedicated server (which installed and configured with headless setup without any errors or complaints), it get "stuck" during initiliazing -- and nothing happens. 

And if I check the log in /var/log/teamviewer13/TeamViewer13_Logfile.log, I see lots of entries like these:

2018/02/26 23:41:21.907  9492 139936183338752 DF!! FB: Attaching to frame buffer device failed: 22, Errorcode=22
2018/02/26 23:41:21.907 9492 139936183338752 DF!! InitDesktop failed, waiting 1 second, Errorcode=22

And I would estimate the number of entries to be around 30-40 entries / second, just like the one above. I do have the /dev/fb0 present. But I can't figure out why it can't attach to it. Please tell me you know what's wrong -- it's very important for me to get teamviewer up and running on this dedicated server - mostly for security reasons.. but also my headache for not solving this.

Thank you!

Best regards, Johan Andersson