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TeamViewer IDs not showing in profile for individual devices

I have set up TeamViewer so that I can access my home desktop from my laptop while I'm away. The `major' problem is that although the 2 are connected I cannot connect automatically and the ID's of both are not stored or listed. It seems I have to memorise them in order to connect remotely??


  • JeremyJeremy Posts: 106 Staff
    @Rocki7 wrote:

    Both my laptop and desktop PC have the seperate ID's. When trying to connect to one from the other it requests the partner ID. It seems that we have to memorise the ID's in order to partner them. This is inconvenient. In our Teamviewer profiles it will list "All Computers". In my case it will list my PC and my laptop, yet their individual ID's are not included. Also, on the UI it prompts for "Show nearby contcts and devices". This option doesn't even function since it implies detecting nearby contacts and devices yet fails to do so.

    Hi @Rocki7,

    To answer your question above (which you posted in a different thread):

    You're right - it would be a lot more than inconvenient if you had to memorise every ID for every computer you need to connect to regularly! For this reason, we have the "Computers & Contacts" list in the TeamViewer client. You need to create a TeamViewer account to use this. Once you've created an account, and signed into your account in the TeamViewer client, you can then save the IDs of other computers to the Computers & Contacts list. Therefore you don't need to memorise them.

    In that sense, the Computers & Contacts List is like a "favourites" or "bookmarks" feature, where you can save the IDs of other computers (or the accounts of other contacts) for easy access in the future.

    We have a Knowledge Base article which goes into more detail about the Computers & Contacts list here.

    You mentioned finding the ID of your own computer and laptop, which I presume is already listed in your Computers & Contacts. To do that, click on the entry for your computer or your laptop, to select it. Then click on the gear icon in the top-right corner, and select "Properties". There you will find the TeamViewer ID of that computer.

    I hope that helps!

    TeamViewer Quality Assurance Engineer
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