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End of Session Comments. Where do they go?

I receive a message box asking for a comment at the end of each session.

Where can I look up previous comments or are these only for TeamViewer's benifit?




  • Was there anybody with an answer? Or do I need to contact support team?

    Thks in advance
  • okay, I just found it by myself :-)

    To anyone of interest: you need to sign into your account, choose a specific group or "all" and there you´ll find a tab named (in my case) "Verbindungsprotokolle"

  • Natascha
    Natascha Posts: 1,296 Senior Moderator

    In English it's called "Connection Reports". 

    You see the comments only with an active company profile. The company profile is included with a Premium or Corporate license. :) 


    German Community Moderator
  • itsonlymarco
    itsonlymarco Posts: 1


    I find the comment box quite usefull, if only I could go back to all the comments I made.

    Where can I find all entered end-of-session comments?

    Kind regards,


  • Me too!

    Did you get an answer to this?

  • So with a business licence we can't see the comments?

  • Todd_in_LA
    Todd_in_LA Posts: 9 ✭✭

    Wait... So, I can select the option to enter comments at the end of my sesssions, but I cannot see them because I don't have a more expensive license? WHY IS THE OPTION EVEN AVAILABLE IF MY LICENSE IS NOT COMPATIBLE? TV seems to have no problem putting "Upgrade" and "Buy" links everywhere in the app and websites, but cannot hide a feature to prevent me from wasting my time and hiding comments that are valuable to me?  Why do you treat your customers so poorly? Have you no shame whatsoever?

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