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Connect, see, no control

Android host. I have several phones, some galaxy S8 Android 7, some J3, Android 6. They were all set up the same. Power saving is off. Eco-mode is on. Some work flawlessly. Then, some of each type are able to establish connections, but cannot show the screen. The remote control screen just says "connecting to [phone_name]". If I look at the dashboard or file transfer, I see that the phone is connected, and I can actually transfer files. If I manually turn the phone on, I get the screenshot and remote control. It just won't start remote control with the screen off. But only for some phones.

The error log has a long list of "screengrab [method name] failed".

Any ideas?


  • koche005
    koche005 Posts: 2

    It's a kluge, but it works.

    I turned on "screen always on" on the S8s and downloaded an app to do the same on the Js.

    This should not be needed.

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