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TeamViewer business to TeamViewer free

I'm worried, after finding posts from a few years ago about the issue of using a business licence teamviewer to connect to a private free version. Where after a few connections to the free version, that version would flip to the trial version.

Is this still an issue? I asked because work pay for their teamviewer. During lunch I'll use their version (as its already installed) to connect to my PC at home which uses the free version because I don't use it in a commerical envirornment. Will my home free version at some point think I'm abusing the licence and switch to the trial version all because I was connecting to it via a business licence?


  • johndoe1
    johndoe1 Posts: 3

    Is no one from the Teamviewer team actually going to answer this one?

  • Lamar
    Lamar Posts: 6

    Hey there JohnDoe,

    When using TeamViewer for personal use, the application monitors the outgoing connections, not the incoming connections. If you're connecting from work to home, there would be no commercial use detected because the device you are connecting from is licensed. 

    If you were to connect from your home to work, then that connection would be flagged as commercial use. If you were to continually connect from your home device to a device that is flagged as commercial, then you will be notified about commercial use suspected.

    Hope this helps clarify!

  • johndoe1
    johndoe1 Posts: 3

    Ah OK that's good to know. I asked because I found past posts about the issue where you'd connect from a corporate licenced copy to a free version and the free version would switch to a trial licence after but assume it was a bug that has now been fixed?