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Two factor authentication - Activation and Deactivation

How do I get access back to my "free" account after my cell phone went in for repair and was wiped (thus no Google Authentication app with my two factor authentication information, nor recovery code) - I cannot log back into my account - I was told it would need to be deleted, yet I can not log into that account online in the community to post the request under the account to delete. Telling me NO ONE at TeamViewer considered the option that someone's phone would need repair or upgraded; if the recovery code is so important (obvoiusly now I see how much), why isn't there more emphasis when activating two form authentication or wouldn't there be another way to get it to someone when they activate let's say a text message)?? - I love this product but I am not going to pay $600/ year for it to help friends and family once in a while with their PC issues - $100 bucks yes defintely but there seems to be no "average joe" pricing options. Now I am **bleep**, I cannot get into my account to log into my father's or uncle's PCs to help those old guys.  PLEASE HELP - what is the process to either get access to my old account or get the old account deleted?  

Thank you in advance for the assistance !!!


  • MrJaunty
    MrJaunty Posts: 2

    Wow Sorry, didn't know the filter was so "sensitive" , the bleep == scrreewed