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Faster computer when connected?

Hello TeamViewer Community

I have a very weird "problem", or sort of. We had a customer call because his computer is slow and reacts sluggish. We connect to him with TV and *BAM*, computer is fast. We disconnect, its slow, reconnect again, its fast.

What does TV change on a Windows computer we connect to?

We got on-site and took the computer to our lab. We could replicate this behaviour.

I already tried the following:
-Saving the "Windows Design" while being connected, disconnect and load it -> still slow
-In Windows Performance Options -> Set best performance or custom -> still slow

We formated the computer and re-installed everything from scratch.

Today I had a different customer and we face the same problem again. Asking here for help before re-installing everything again

The Computers was always Windows 10 Pro.


  • I think Teamviewer reduces anti-aliasing on screen fonts and might also do something with hardware acceleration (turn in on or off). Try checking if the machine is running the right graphics drivers or try a different graphics card, if it's a desktop.

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