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TeamViewer 12 Monitor Issue

Hi, I remote into my home computer quiet often and just recently when connecting after restarting my computer I am left with a set resolution of 640x480 within the Windows Display Settings. My setup is kind of odd as it have a custom built PC, attached through HDMI to my TV. This didn't happen until this version of the application came about - while not the worst for me it makes doing anything incredibly hard; so here is my specs : Win 10 Professional Retail (x64) AMD Radeon RX 470 6GB (OC 4.2 GHz) LG 50 inch TV, standard everything, it's a bit of an older model. If locally I restart it seems to work fine, but restarting remotely has this problem. Please let me know if you're aware of the issue or if you have a resolution. Thank you for the otherwise awesome software!