Teamviewer 13 causes Linux Mint 18.3 machine to lock up

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I have just set up a new installation of Linux Mint 18.3 (Cinnamon desktop) on a reasonably well-specified 64-bit PC. It is unmodified apart from upgrading all packages.

When I install TV13 from the downloaded amd64 .deb file, it installs and configures correctly. However, when I run it, before the GUI opens the entire PC locks up solid and remains so. The only option is to switch off using the power button.

I have tried the obvious things: downloading the package again in case of corruption; purging the package and reinstalling; installing via the terminal or via the GUI; running from the terminal. (When run from the terminal it gets as far as "Loading Teamviewer GUI" before locking up.) I have run 

teamviewer --ziplog

but cannot see anything relevant in the resulting log files – the VarCrash folder is empty.

Can anyone suggest what could be wrong and how to solve this? Thanks in advance for your help.