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Mac: how to turn off blocking after session end

how to turn the checkbox forever?

and, accordingly, locked X sign. I do not need it, it makes double login.

if I set it off, it appears checkd on next session



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  • Oh, thanks.I have not noticed this, shame on me )

  • Archigos
    Archigos Posts: 16 ✭✭

    I'm on the latest version of Windows 10 (Insiders Preview), using the latest version of TeamViewer (Insider Build) connecting to a Mac (macOS Sierra 10.12.5 beta 4) with the latest public version of TeamViewer (going to update that to Insider Build next to test that).

    I've always turned off all disconnect options (including timeouts) on both systems, but this auto logout started happening to me about a week or so ago. At first it happened once in awhile, but the last few days it's every time I disconnect. The reason I finally got around to writing about the issue here is that I connected to the Mac to update from beta 4 to beta 5 of Sierra and when I told that system to restart it logged out, I could hear the hard drive churnning away, but it stayed on the login screen. (I'm disabled so I don't go over to that system often, but it's visable in the same room as the Windows system). A little later I went to the Mac to see if the update had finished but it was still sitting at the login screen, so I (from the Mac) logged in and rebooted. Now, it states that macOS got corrupted because of logging out while attempting to initially reboot. So I had to waste the time reloading that system due to TeamViewer logging out even though all settings tell it not to.


    Not that it matters, I had the macOS versions wrong, as stated I had to reinstall everything so I guessed... I went from macOS 10.12.6 beta 2 to beta 3.

  • I followed all the steps in this post. My mac still logs out after I disconnect remote desktop. Any ideas if it is a configuration I need to make on the mac to keep it from locking the screen? 

  • Archigos
    Archigos Posts: 16 ✭✭

    After spending hours re-doing my Mac yesterday, I still have this problem as well. It currently can NOT be fixed via any settings changed from within TeamViewer on either the host or client system. (I have not looked into Registry tweaks, hacks, etc.)

    As a side note, turning on Remote Management on the fresh install of macOS allows a standard VNC connection which does NOT auto log off when you disconnect, but (prior to tweaking any VNC settings) does act more sluggish than TeamViewer does while connected so it's not a viable alternative for full use, but does allow me to VNC in after a TV disconnect to manually log back in if required.

  • I have the same issue. 

    The workaround mentioned earlier in this post, worked untill the latest update of Teamviewer. I new run version 12.0.78313.

    Earlier versions work fine - new version does not!

    So far no work around.


  • Kicking this thread. Same experience here. Using only Macs and teamviewer host on the target machine. Has anyone managed to come up with a workaround or are the teamviewer folks maybe working on a fix?

  • This problem is circling back. In last version it worked - no lock if turned of in advanced options. Now after last update, it's locking again. Never ending story.

  • Seems to be more info/activity in this other thread, but still not extremely encouraging news. I'm simply not in a position to delete prefs and start over :-(

  • stfarm
    stfarm Posts: 7

    This does not work. With the latest update the Mac I logon to now ALWAYS gets his session loggedout !!! **bleep**, does any of you EVER test your code before you release to the puplic??

    Yes, I unchecked everything, I rebooted, I did all the annoyances.....What an epic waste of time this product is

  • siys
    siys Posts: 4

    This is a Mac thread and everyone who gave instructions did it for Windows. The Advanced controls are different on Mac. I need steps to disable on Mac. Thank you.

  • JohnD
    JohnD Posts: 35

    This bug had been fixed in v13 for Mac, but unfortunately, it has been reintroduced in Mac v13.1.4170 (or maybe a close previous version).  Many of my hosts are now constantly reverting to automatically locking the host on disconnect, even when I explicitly uncheck Action > Lock Computer > Lock On Session End.

    This needs to be fixed again in the Mac Host.  And they need to explose a Host-side Advanced pref that can disable this useless and obnoxious feature, just like they have on the Windows Host.

  • siys
    siys Posts: 4

    Confirming, I experienced the same thing, where the issue was fixed, then reintroduced. Absolutely agree we need a permanent solution. Thank you very much.

  • ae6dx
    ae6dx Posts: 9

    Where is this Lock setting in TV 14 for Mac?

  • JohnD
    JohnD Posts: 35

    Try the solution that I posted in this thread; it seems to work with v14.  It's a PITA, but if it works then it's probably worth it.  

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