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Using policies


We (= internal IT of our company) are using the TeamViewer Management Console. We want to use the new feature of using policies in TeamViewer. First we created a new policy in Policies and choose the option to use the "Windows logon"  and choose to activate it for all users.

After creating and saving the policy itsefl, we want to assign it to all computers of a specific group. To do so, we choose  "assign Teamviewer policy"  and select the specific computers we want to assign the new policy too.

We click on "Next" and select the correct policy from the drop down list and click on "Activate" to enable it

In the next screen we see a number of workstation in red. The error is "password invalid" . There is a button to put in the password.


a) Which password do we have to give (is this the Teamviewer password under the ID)?

b) Do we have to give the password for each computer which is red?

c) Is it possible to avoid this so all selected computers are green?

Thanks in advance

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  • ChironChiron Posts: 226 ✭✭

    Are the computers assigned to your management account or are they just listed as contacts? Logon to one of the "red" computers and look in the settings.

    Options > General Tab > Account Assignment

    I use policies and I have not seen what you are describing, but all of my computers are assigned to my account.

    I don't work for TeamViewer. I'm just a user.
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