Black screen option no longer available on free personal download?


I have been using team viewer for a few weeks and always tick the black screen option once i am connected.  Tried that today but it says i have to upgrade?  Is there no way round this, i only connect approx once a week but nearly need this feature.



  • GallJ93
    GallJ93 Posts: 1

    I would like to also request this feature be reenabled ASAP.

    I only use this for personal purposes, and the other day while I was remoted in to a relative's PC from my home PC I had a young relative on the other end interfering with what I was trying to do. Plus if I want to access my own PC remotely I have to trust that nobody is watching while I look through my private files, while before I could guarantee that.

    This should either be enabled as a free user again, or at least offer a more reasonably priced "personal premium" option (£31.90 per month for personal use is not a reasonable price in that case, maybe £5 at a push) that gives access to that.

  • I agree with the need for a cheaper pricing structure. It's ridiculously overpriced for the small amount that I use it. There's potential here for them to make more money with a 'personal plan'.