Teamviewer on Lubuntu on T41

I'm running Lubuntu 16.04.4 LTS on a Lenovo T41 laptop with 2GB RAM.  I installed Teamviewer 13 with no errors.  I rebooted.  I then ran teamviewer to connect to a Xubuntu laptop in my living room, running teamviewer 13.  My T41 screen turned black and after about 15 seconds, teamviewer crashed.  This happens every time.  I then ran "apt-get purge teamviewer", rebooted, and installed Teamviewer 12 with no errors.  Whenever I try to connect to the laptop in my living room, a dialog says "Your partner uses a newer version of TeamViewer.  Would you like to update TeamViewer now to establish a connection?".  There's only one choice: [OK].  If I click [OK], nothing happens.  There seems to be no way to connect to the laptop in my living room.  Any solutions?

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