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Show black screen doesn't work after rebooting windows

Hi all,
After I checked the "show black screen" on teamviewer v13, teamviewer asked me for installation of a desktop driver. I let it to do that and then the this feature worked fine. However after rebooting windows 7, I am not able to use this feature anymore because it prompts me to install the driver again, and after installation, it says "the teamviewer monitor driver was NOT installed successfully on you system".
Please help me to fix this problem.



  • Me1712
    Me1712 Posts: 2

    I think this problem is arising because the software cannot overwrite the already installed remote desktop driver. Is there anyway to remove the installed driver without uninstalling the Teamviewer software? (I am on a trip and if I uninstall the software then I cannot install it again remotely).
    Hope to see a response.:womansad:


  • The problem occurs because TeamViewer doesn't want to bother signing their monitor driver which is required by Windows 10.

    This problem has gone on and on and TeamViewer refuses to acknowledge the problem much less get the driver signed. 

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