Introducing the TeamViewer Star Program: A Junction Between TeamViewer Customers and Staff

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StartYouEngines.jpgThe TeamViewer Star Program is a way for passionate community members to take a leading role and help to shape this place alongside our staff.

Our community sure has come a long way since its foundation in October 2016, and we’re delighted to have all of you with us on this exciting journey, which has only just begun.

Because we still have more visions for what can be achieved in this place of collective learning and mutual support. We want to make the most of it and go further than to only answer questions and provide education on TeamViewer.

Hence, today I’d like to introduce you to the TeamViewer Star Program! But what does that mean?

We want to empower you, our users, and members of this community, to take a leading role, actively shape the future of the community, and cooperate closely with our staff. Members can gain these and more privileges through outstanding helpfulness and constructive activity in the community.

Let me walk you through the ideas behind the TeamViewer Star Program and how to become a TeamViewer Star yourself!

What is a TeamViewer Star?

An aspiring TeamViewer Star is a member of the TeamViewer Community who sets themselves apart from their peers, for example, through high activity, the provision of good content and correct answers, and their willingness to help co-members.

And by identifying and promoting our most passionate members, we aim to further nourish the community’s atmosphere of helpfulness and collective learning.

When a member is officially recognized as a TeamViewer Star, they receive the designated Star badge and rank to make their new status visible to the community. More than that, they become a part of the TeamViewer family and get the opportunity to interact closely with each other and our staff in the exclusive Star Lobby.

How to Become a TeamViewer Star

TeamViewer Stars will be selected based on their positive participation in the TeamViewer Community over the past 12 months. Because the program runs on an annual basis, individual TeamViewer Stars are being inducted once a year and must re-qualify at the same intervals.

To apply for the TeamViewer Star Program, send a private message to me, the community manager. Or, if you already managed to make the moderators' team notice your great efforts in the community, there’s a good chance we might invite you to the program on our own initiative.

Take note that you have to meet the following minimum requirements to qualify as a candidate for the program:

  • Be ranked Tetragon or higher
  • Be helpful and regularly reply to posts
  • Author at least three accepted solutions
  • Respect the User Guidelines. Show an overall positive and productive attitude to help the TeamViewer Community advance.

Upon your application for the TeamViewer Star Program, the community team will check if you meet the requirements above. You will receive a welcome email, as well as being granted the TeamViewer Star rank/badge and access to the Star Lobby, once your eligibility to become a Star is confirmed.

In case you do not meet the requirements to become a Star yet, you will receive an email, including the reasons why that is. Of course, you can then always reapply at a later point in time.

Be a Shining Example to Your Peers

The TeamViewer Star program is the next logical step in the evolution of our community, and we’d like to sincerely encourage anyone as passionate about this community as we are, to apply for the program.

It is an excellent chance for the ones of you who want to actively shape the community, be closer to TeamViewer, and get a peek behind the curtain.

Do you have any questions about the TeamViewer Star Program? Don’t be shy to post them in the comment section below!

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