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Teamviewer do i have to pay for version 13 when i have business license for version 12?

I paid 30K INR for version 12 last year and now you guys updated to latest version 13.

If we connect with users who have version 13 ? it force us to update to version 13? What happens after the trial period ends? we have to pay another 30K for teamviewer?

Is this the way of looting money from users? I tried to message several times to support and got no reply. Anyway i want license for version 13 soon. Else give back my money.


  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,618 Community Manager 🌍

    Hi @bakerfield

    For any sales related questions, please contact our sales department directly.

    Thank you,


    Community Manager
  • I did everything even used, facebook and twitters to send messages for more exposure about this issue.


  • Jonkchan
    Jonkchan Posts: 1

    I am in similiar situation. I don't mind to pay more to upgrade to a newer version, but not changing to subscription.

    I came to TeamViewer from LogMeIn because of license, NOT subscription!

  • ndveitch
    ndveitch Posts: 1
    So basically what you are saying is that it doesn't matter if we pay for the license, the minute TeamViewer release a new version the version that you paid for is worthless. How can TeamViewer justify blocking access to the recent previous version, not version 8 or 9, block the use of version 12 when version 13 is used.

    We broke our budget getting the teamviewer 12 licenses and now it is completely useless to us becuase my client updated to 13, as the update prompt told them to do, and now I can't help my client, because I have a fully paid up version 12 license which is useless. How the heck am I supposed to help my clients now, becuase the very next version of teamviewer is not compatible. Even Microsoft products allow for some kind of backward compatibility. Where the heck am I supposed to find the money to buy a new license that will only be valid for version 13.
  • satzinger
    satzinger Posts: 6 ✭✭

    I totally agree with you, TeamViewer has gone from great to greedy.
    I hope that you have as few as possible subscribers.
    We cannot afford to pay a couple of thousand dollars every year for the occasional use of TeamViewer! Not being able to support previous versions is pure blackmail, and having users tempted into upgrading is evil!

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