Why does the TeamViewer logo keep pulsing in the handle?

MotRek Posts: 1

I'm using TeamViewer to connect to a headless desktop computer I bought to run Ubuntu. It's working 99% great, I really appreciate it, thank you TeamViewer people!

The problem I'm having though is that when I minimize the TeamViewer pane, the resulting tab/handle shows a pulsing TeamViewer logo. This seems to imply that it wants my attention and I should click on it, but no amount of clicking and re-minimizing gets it to stop displaying that pulsing logo.

I'm worried that this behavior is by design and it's just pulsing to indicate that somebody is connected to the computer. I guess this would make sense in some situations as a "security" feature (you wouldn't want to forget that somebody can see what you're doing on a computer) but in my use case it's just distracting and annoying! I really hope there's a way to get rid of the pulsing logo. I would happily pay some money to get rid of it if that's what it takes (I'm happy to fund good software) but AFAIK that's not an option...?

Really hope I can get some help with this. Thanks in advance!!