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How to reset teamviewer host ID ARM on a cloned raspberry

I have about 50 cloned raspberry PI model B with Raspbian Stretch Desktop, Teamviewer 13 host installed.

I have noticed that is the same ID on all the  hosts because of the clone process.

How can I reset the teamviewer host ID ?

Version installed is 13.1.1548H.


  • I had the same problem 

    First remove teamviewer

    sudo apt remove teamviewer-host

    You need to change MAC address for eth0

    Edit cmdline.txt located on /boot (you can remove the SD card and edit from Windows Notepad).

    At the end of the file add:       smsc95xx.macaddr=XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX

    track a list of your mac address to be sure you dont repeat the same mac on your list.

    Hope this will help


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