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Teamviewer and Windows VPN Server

The Boss has charged me with getting the VPN Server up and running on a Windows 10 box. We have TeamViewer running on it. Evidently this task has its own share of challanges (MS seems to have broken support along the way) but I need to know one thing. Can TeamViewer and Windows VPN Server coexist?  I feel I may be spinning my wheels trying to fix the Window's VPN Server problems without this answer. Using the TeamViewer VPN driver does not seem to be an option. We need to 1) connect directly into our LAN rather than the computer and 2) avoid installing TeamViewer on our computers in the field (which TeamViewer would probably like but we want to avoid) and use the Windows VPN client.

I am hoping this last criterium doesn't sour the TeamViewer people from answering this question. Can TeamViewer and Windows VPN Server play nice on the same box? Maybe I'm going about this all wrong (re: TeamViewer VPN driver)?


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