Connection not established authentication cancelled



  • Here in Mexico is the same... suddenly dead.

  • SampoL
    SampoL Posts: 1

    Finland down also.


  • markio
    markio Posts: 1

    Down in Singapore as well

  • Paid Licence here also.

    Im actually having to get up and walk to the PC Im wanting to control and carry my coffee with me - VERY inconvenient!

  • MRDC
    MRDC Posts: 3

    Lithuania - same. Can't connect to anything for more than an hour now.

  • It does not say much for their Status page as it does not show any issue at the moment. All systems operational!!!
  • Same here in Melbourne, Australia. Am on a corporate license, I hope I don't have to reinstall teamviewer on 2000 clients

  • KarlH
    KarlH Posts: 1

    Down in Australia too.

    Can a Team Viewer rep please update;

  • Israel as well. Been having this issue for the last hour.
  • down in Dubai too

  • me too, in vietnaam

  • Down in Canada as well

  • Same Problem in austria, how long does it take?

  • Also in Saudi Arabia

  • ravit
    ravit Posts: 2

    We are facing issue in taking other systems through Team viewer...

    It trying to connect with other team viewer id and password but connection is not getting established....

    Please help, our cutomers are waiting for the connection.11.PNG

    After trying for connection, its giving ready to connect message, but not connecting...


    Please help us.

  • Peerke
    Peerke Posts: 1

    Same here, no authentication possible since a few hours

  • allgovision
    allgovision Posts: 1
    Teamviewer down in India
  • Also locked out in Texas, US
  • Have the same Problem, have a paid Teamviewerlicense please Support! 

  • No connection in Toronto, Canada

  • dani2
    dani2 Posts: 3

    Same Here. 

    Looks like Teamviewer network is gone...

  • Same Problem in Sri Lanka
  • Freddy010
    Freddy010 Posts: 1

    Same probelem her in Belgium, with a paid license

  • yanivbenarit
    yanivbenarit Posts: 9 ✭✭

    Have the same problem here in ISRAEL .
    Have corporate license.

  • natuhn
    natuhn Posts: 1
    same promblem in Vietnam
  • ravit
    ravit Posts: 2
    How much time it will take to fix it....
  • California, USA checking in. No connection. All business schedule is failed and night updates are going to cause a crazy schedule shift. We cannot reinstall host machines. So many of them. 

    Urgent. Please at least udpate us teamviewer. Everyone is down.

  • SimonG
    SimonG Posts: 3

    Seems to be more than just a few people having this issue...But the status says all good, oblivously not...