Connection not established authentication cancelled



  • Also at Greece
  • weshay
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    @o3group wrote:

    Paid Licence here also.

    Im actually having to get up and walk to the PC Im wanting to control and carry my coffee with me - VERY inconvenient!

    If you know the IP address of the computer on your LAN and take note of the Password or know the unattended password you can still remote into it. NOTE this only works on computers on a local area network with the TV security Option set to accept incoming LAN connections.

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    same problem in Slovenia....need it ASAP

  • lupearobert
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    No connection in Arad, Romania
    Paied license :(
  • And Germany too

  • Haz
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    Down in Qatar!
  • Still the same problem in austria!

    Please hurry up!

  • sz
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    in France too !...

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    edited April 2021

    Same in Italy, with paid license: I always keep another backup access channel (**third party content**, free, always on) otherwise I would be in deep trouble without access.

  • down in Indonesia

  • I have opened a ticket, it took 45min just to receive the automated responder message saying they got my email. I did read a number of others have also opened a ticket. I expect no response and to just find when I check later that it might be working again.... unless all their servers are on fire. But I'm not working tomorrow, so it wont be my problem soon! haha

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    same problem for Türkiye.
  • Turkey*
  • Same problem from Tunisia

  • Same problem from Croatia.

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    Hi all,

    I apologize for the connection problem and wanted to let you know, that our status page has been updated. Please feel free to subscribe to get all status updates immediately.

    Once again sorry and I will keep you updated also in our community.

    Best, Esther

    Former Community Manager

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    Does anyone already gets an answer how long will it take or even whats happen?! down are free and paid license! dissapoint

  • I have posted a similar topic without a notice (Ouch).
    Same here in Japan and India..... Hope it gets fixed as soon as possible.

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    I've receieved a response from my submitted ticket that they are are aware their service is down and they're working on a solution, but no ETA when that will be as of yet. Will keep updating as I hear more. 

  • Same here In Indonesia. Team Viewer is down

  • Actually that's a pretty lame response. Firstly I've seen over thirty countries listed with people complaining of full outage...not latency issues and not a limited subset.

    No response from Temviewer on estimated time to fix?

    You do get that we pay thousands of Euros in licesning fees for a product, because it is critical for us to be able to provide remote support. At the moment I am losing money, because clients are calling with issues and I can't service them.

    I am having to look for alternate products now, and then I'm going to have to select and deploy that product....why, because you are not managing a severe outage (that should never have happened to this extent) seriously. subset, latency, status page that has to be manually updated !!!! really???

  • In Spain is also fallen, I need to control several servers and the service does not work, it is urgent. I hope you solve it quickly. Teamviewer 13 license paid. I request technical support.

  • thank god, thank teamviewer group, it work again. wait 3 hour to do 3 minute missing work in company.

    great job!!!

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    Dear Alls,

    Try now, services are back up. :D

  • Esther
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    Hi all - can you confirm whether it is working again?

    Thanks, Esther

    Former Community Manager

  • MRDC
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    Lithuania - Working again.

  • Mkolberg
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    Login and connection succesfull. :-)

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    Just made my first connection since the problem started
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    It's back. I confirm. 

  • So you don't know when you've fixed the issue either?

    It works in W.A. you need to manually update your Status Page again....I guess looking for an Automated Monitoring Solution isn't realistic for Teamviewer?