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    @DarthKevin wrote:

    No, it's not related to the outage. It's an ongoing problem for us. It sometimes takes as many 5 tries to get connected with each attempt showing Authentication Cancelled. 

    I'm having the same issue here, only on my affected systems, it never connects.

    Sometimes, I can restart the TeamViewer service on my own machine and it clears up, but on those remote machines, I don't have that option without user intervention or figuring out a sidedoor method, which sort of defeats the purpose.  In desperate times I have to try to find a server or other user desktop to TV into, and then use Microsoft Remote Desktop over to the affected machine and either restart the TV service, or reboot the machine.

    I'm seeing this happening more and more frequently.  Again, the cases I'm experiencing, not related to any service outages.

    What gives?  I love TeamViewer and am a long time user/owner, but these reliability issues are starting to concern me.  So far it's mostly user desktops and workstations, but when this starts happening on more mission critical gear...

    I never had this problem with earlier versions of TV.  Just seemed to start with TV12 and 13..

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    We're fixing the problem by moving to a different vendor for remote support.  What put the final nail in the coffin for us was them pushing a BETA version of 14 through the automatic update channel.  We're a corporate subscription customer. We don't install beta software in our production environments. Ever.  Beta software should be a deliberate choice to install, not pushed as if it was a gold level (out of beta) update. TeamViewer should know this. 

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    I am having this problem with Teamviewer version 15.9.4, but I have another computer running Teamviewer version 15.2.2756 that does not have this problem. I think the new version of Teamviewer is messed up.

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    Did this ever get fixed? I'm having this issue for the first time when I installed TV on a new computer - now I cannot connect to it. Running version 15.35.9 on a paid subscription.