How do I pinch in? Touch input is not passed.

I am using a business edition to access a number of handsets, I have Acer SP513-51 that has a touch screen. We need to pass a touch input to the handset, as the mouse is not suitable (we need to pinch in on the screen). We were able to do that until recently, and now the touch does not work. Tried to uninstall and install etc. In fact, the only thing I am able to do using the touch is to swipe down, it does not even allow me to open apps... 

How do I enable passing a touch from my laptop to the handset?


  • Sylwester
    Sylwester Posts: 2

    Well no response from the Quick Support's support apart from one phone call that brought nothing valuable. Managed to get it work with a very old version of the Quick Support...