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I'm connected to a server (Windows 2012 Standard) via TeamViewer Host 12 working on stuff. I reboot. 5-10 minutes later I try to connect, and it cannot connect. It just sits there at "Connecting...".

I connect to the server in the background and check running services. Teamviewer IS running. What must a person do? I mean seriously, this actually happens 25% of the time. Bad enough we cannot contact someone at Teamviewer to ask this simple question, so here I am, ready for the "try this....", "try that....", "have you rebooted?", "might have to go get reborn, then grow back up, buy a computer, install Windows, then try again?".

This @#$%! makes me want to get up and walk outside. MY FLOORS ARE NOW CLEAN!

If anyone has the energy to help after that rant, I would sure appreciate it... although this is more of a nothing-is-working-cant-ask-my-boss-because-he-doesnt-care-so-im-really-here-wasting-time-because-this-is-how-things-are-supposed-to-be, thanks to money.

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