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My PC was stoled - how know its IP address

Hi all!

Last week some guys stole my PC - 11pcs . Now they start use it. But change teamviewer's password. So i cannot connect and know its IP address.

I need find IP address to give it to police and return my equipment.

How ask teamviewer team give me IP address for this PC's? Stoled PC still connected to my teamviewer account. But I use free account and I cannot phone them directly.



  • Jackinabox
    Jackinabox Posts: 41 Staff member 🤠

    Hello 1kvi1,

    Thank you for you post.
    It is very unfortunate to hear that someone else has taken your possessions.
    As TeamViewer is a Remote Control software and not a tracking software, IP addresses are not stored.
    In such circumstances as yours, we ask if you could contact our specialized department which looks after such cases.
    Please contact them at [email protected]
    Thank you.